• Bottoms Up!

    Quench your thirst for SMC Pride with this bold and sleek stainless steel beverage bottle! Coming Soon!

  • Wear Your Pride

    This comfortable and iconic all Cotton tee says it all: "Proud to be SMC" $14.00

  • Back In Black

    Make a bold statement with this black classic ball cap emblazoned with the iconic Santa Monica College brand. $14.00

  • Trick Up Your Sleeve

    Choose your iPad® sleeve in one of four bold colors (Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Charcoal), all stamped with the SMC logo. $18.00

  • Clean Up Your Act

    White and fresh. This classic ball cap proudly sports the Santa Monica College brand in crisp black. $14.00

  • Stick To It!

    3.5” x 2.125” of SMC Alumni pride sticks to most metal surfaces.

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